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re: decisions - from family chapel [Torre Girona] to national supercomputing center


The estate on which the chapel was built was once a privately owned residence of the Girona family, whose patriarch was Manuel Girona, a 19th century banker and Mayor of Barcelona. The estate was built in the 1860s and belonged to the Girona family for more than 100 years. It became the property of the Polytechnic University in the 1970s, together with the famous Torre Girona chapel. -


tangential: Mapping Europe’s wind energy resource


Partnership For Advanced Computing in Europe ("PRACE"), international non-profit association


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Love this! Building and supporting communities that are diverse and generous is the way to build a beautiful city! Also, how did it come about that you are in Barcelona? Magical!

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David! You are a beautiful and brilliant writer always but this piece is especially brilliant. Little gems of the sequencing of community building throughout. I'll be quoting this one from now on! Thank you!!

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