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Keep showing up. Keep showing up at Bongo Java, Petco, Kroger, Lowe's; at Jamba Juice, Two Boots Pizza, J Alexander's; at community meetings, on social media; and even at church. Continue to speak truth and in love. They can label us, but our presence can't be ignored. In my neighborhood I've gone from the crazy democrat (I'm not) who won't carry firearms when I take walks on the street (I won't), to the guy whose prayers are coveted when same neighbor is sick and whose help is requested when a house burns or a roof is torn off by winds. Be the "enemy" that is in the middle of the struggle that the combatant turns to when things go off the rails. NOTE: Things always go off the rails.

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Thank you, David! I share these sentiments. This is no time for apathy, which seems to be in abundance right now.

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A resounding YES! We are all participating in this and we need to use our resources to change this state of our culture in Tennessee and in our country.

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Yes. They are choosing violence. But. On this "Indictment Friday" I want to remind myself that there IS a Better Way.

Isn't the Story of Easter an INDICTMENT of all the "Caesars" and "Messiahs" of history who destroy the beauty of GOD's GOOD creation in their greed/lust for power/wealth/fame/dominion? Jesus died in solidarity with oppressed humanity and rose to make possible a better WAY . . . "so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord", (not Trump) "to the glory of God."

LOVE has won, at great cost, and then said, "Follow Me."

Let us leave our darkness and follow the Son.

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